Counting Down

One expression that seems to have fallen out of favor over the past few years, or at least into diminished usage,  is the consumer rallying cry: “Only (fill in the blank) shopping days until Christmas!” There is indubitably some logical explanation for this, probably having to do with cyber shopping, smartphones, drones, direct deliveries and other lifestyle modifications of the modern age.

Whatever the explanation may be, At Quaquanantuck is far more interested in focusing on another countdown, one that is of critical importance to those unfortunate benighted souls who are laid low by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The countdown I refer to is, of course, the number of days until the winter solstice.

Despite the ridiculously on-the-nose acronym, SAD is no laughing matter. Symptoms specific to winter-onset SAD include: oversleeping; appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates; weight gain; tiredness or low energy; losing interest in activities one once enjoyed; and feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day.

December Beach AB
December gold.                                                                                                     —A. Botsford Photo

So, while relief will not be immediate, with the solstice only a week away now, there is literally light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not from an oncoming train. Yes, Virginia, the daylight will begin to start stretching out, in tiny increments, after December 21. So, soldier on, all you SAD people: only seven more days to go until the darkness begins to yield to the light.

More Less Is More Is … More?
Reader and photo contributor Jerry Schwartz sent another email to At Quaquanantuck this week, under a subject line of “More less is more.” Along with three attached photographs, the email featured, in its entirety, this text: “Winter months change perspective. Change is good. Eventually, summer changes everything. These photos are for now. . .”

Less More 2A Jerry S
Less More 2 Jerry S
Winter Perspective: Two more images from Less Is More contributor Jerry Schwartz. 

New $100,000 Challenge Grant for Quogue Library
Lionhearted champion of the Quogue Library Lynda Confessore wrote to At Quaquanantuck this week to make sure that village residents are aware of the recent “Finishing the Story” mailing from the library.

The informative “Finishing the Story” brochure that went into all Quogue mailboxes represents the official launch of the final stage of the library’s fundraising campaign to support the extensive renovation and expansion project.  Spearheading this final phase, longtime resident Kevin Crowe Sr. and an anonymous donor have offered a $100,000 Challenge Grant, with all new gifts made to the campaign matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000 per donation. “If there was ever a time to support your library,” Lynda wrote, “NOW is it.”

The brochure tells the complete story of the building project and includes a pledge card self-mailer. Lynda noted that the library is very close to its fundraising goal, with campaign organizers emphasizing that  participation at any level of giving will smash all previous records for community support. Everyone has the opportunity to have a significant impact on enhancing the cultural and educational opportunities accessible to all members of the Quogue community. “More than 325 residents have donated thus far,” Lynda wrote. “That’s an impressive number, but let’s make it 100 percent.”

Heart of the H LEM
Taking the plunge: If it weren’t for the parkas on the spectators, one would hardly guess that it was 37 degrees outside, and the water temperature was listed at 48 at Coopers Beach in Southampton. Several warmhearted local patrons sponsored a plunger from Quogue in the Heart of the Hamptons fundraiser for the community food pantry’s winter larder. —Lulie Morrisey Photo

Library Programs Continue in Two Locations
Courtesy of the hospitality of the Quogue Fire Department, library sponsored yoga sessions are still offered on Fridays at 10:15, on December 14, 21 and 28. All are asked to bring a yoga mat and water. A fee of $10 is payable at the door.

Adult programming at the library’s Midland Street outpost includes one more session of the “Mind Stretchers” lifelong learning program on Wednesday, December 19, from 2 to 3 p.m.  

Casual trivia games, card games or board games are offered in a relaxed and friendly setting, with the selection varying weekly, depending on the number of people playing. There will be prizes for winners, and no registration is needed.

Library patrons can check the Events Calendar at and web alerts will continue to be posted on all activities. The events calendar also will be posted in various community locations.

The library has resumed operations and phone service in the Midland Street satellite headquarters, with staff on site to order and check out books, DVD’S and audio books. A children’s corner, adult reading area and a public computer are available. Tech services will remain by appointment.

Dune deer.                                                                                                          —Florrie Morrisey Photo

Quogue Wildlife Refuge Annual Appeal
With the new year rushing up at us one week after Christmas, don’t forget that the Quogue Wildlife Refuge is making its annual appeal for year-end tax deductible donations. Bear in mind, please, that it is only through the generous support of donors and members that the Refuge can continue to carry out its mission. And remember that, in carrying out its mission, the Refuge gives so much to all of us, in the Village of Quogue and across the East End, in hundreds of different ways all year long.

To find out more about the annual appeal, including the benefits of membership and how to make your donation, visit And, while you’re on the site, be sure to click the “Gift Ideas” tab for some excellent ideas for friends and family at this season of giving.

Rehearsals Underway for “On Golden Pond”
Alert residents may have noticed by now that the Hampton Theatre Company banner above the front doors of the Quogue Community Hall has been changed. The new banner is dedicated to the company’s next show, “On Golden Pond” by Ernest Thompson, which will open on January 10 and run through January 27, 2019.

Theatergoers looking for the best selection of seats for all performances would do well to visit the HTC website,, and purchase tickets now. And all are asked to add their prayers to those of the cast and crew for fair weather during the run, and no cancellations due to snow storms. More details soon in this space.

Quogue Gallery Features Four Artists with “Quogue in Common”
The Quogue Gallery is presenting “Quogue in Common,” the work of painters Ellen Ball, Margot Carr and Holland Cunningham and photographer Veronique Louis for its final exhibition of the 2018 season. The exhibition will be on view until December 31, 2018 at the gallery at 44 Quogue Street.

Winter hours at the Quogue Gallery are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment.

Fall Leaf Pickup Ends December 15
Residents have to get their leaves to the roadside by Saturday, December 15, in order to have the Village highway crews gather them up and take them away in the annual fall leaf pickup in our village. The rules are the same as in past years: no bagged leaves—they won’t be picked up; no brush, twigs, branches, or lawn clippings mixed in with the leaves; leaves must not be piled around fire hydrants or utility equipment. Leaves must be on the shoulder of the road by December 15 in order to be picked up.

To discuss the option to take leaves from your property and dump them directly at the Village highway yard, call the Village Office at 631-653-4498.

At Quaquanantuck encourages readers to send in news and notes and photos of interest to Quogue residents, even if the items are being sent from winter addresses or other parts of the country. Friends and family who enjoy all things Quogue are encouraged to email and ask to be put on the mailing list.

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